199: Clear Creek Metro Park

199: Clear Creek Metro Park Randomness and lollygagging have a place in the forest but, like life, it must be tempered with an understanding of time and boundaries.

Exist In The Moment — Discovering Your Happiness

Exist In The Moment — Discovering Your Happiness The issue with pain is we want it to go away. We want to avoid the fear, confusion, and anxieties attached to not knowing what happens next.

Bullying and Mental Health

I’m not bipolar but understand the pain of being, as my friend Sara, says an outlier. I understand how being an outlier results in being harassed, physically assaulted, and bullied almost daily by my peers from the 6th to the 12th grade.

It is why nearly 30 years later I still have trust issues with men, intimacy, and being open about who I am.

It is why after I won an award for poetry and writing in the sixth grade I stopped writing and joined the football team. It is why when my high school football coach cornered me in the hallway after I quit in my senior year told me I was half the man his 10-year-old son was I joined the Marine Corp.

It is why losing relationships are so devastating to me and why I hang on after the other people check out. It is hard for me to bond but once I do I am willing to betray my own boundaries to stay relevant.

The Bipolar Writer

This is perhaps the most important topic I have covered on The Bipolar Writer blog. It is also the most talked about, and today as I write some new posts for the remainder of the week, I wanted to repost thing blog post, because there has been so much feedback posted on this post. I think other than my posts on suicide Bullying and mental health is an important to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness.

My Take on Bullying and Mental Illness

It is always the goal of this blog to be informative. At the same time, I want to share my experiences on the topic in question. I wanted to write today about the realities of bullying and effects it can have on mental health when we are younger.

It was different when I was a kid. The technology that our kids (whether they be your child, a…

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I am the Ocean

I am the ocean, not just part of it. Calm sometimes, wild and destructive sometimes, carrying within me a whole world of creatures...At my depth, I am always calm and peaceful.

Roads more traveled

Over the last 117 days, I've been really lucky to have driven over 25K miles across 16 states. I've stayed in AirBnb's from Buffalo to Nashville to Minneapolis.  All of them have a fun quality. Here are some pictures from some of my favorites.

AirBnB: Some History

I wasn't going to stay here. I thought the price was too cheap, the location too close to the road, and other than the history of the site it read more like a boarding house. I was wrong.

Cowboy Up

After spending nearly a week here I've come to appreciate something I've lost in my currently migratory life, it feels nice to sleep under the watchful eye of Tonto and some singing cowboys.

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