An Angry Patriot: Are you a Nazi? Am I? Who gets to decide?

My grandfather and his brothers fought in Europe against Hitler and the Nazis. Stop disrespecting their sacrifices for politics. So before you start demonizing the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader of the United States...

Top five accomplisments of a common man

As my Marine Corp Drill Instructor might say: “Good initiative, poor judgment.” Sometimes, it wasn’t even good initiative. Lessons for life - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Dear Abby Is A Sexist Bitch

About four years ago I read a letter to Dear Abby. As I read the letter, and Abby's response, a vile bile rose up in my throat. I was deeply sickened by Abby's judgmental and sexist response to a highly immature and selfish mother.

The Things I Carry: Do you have friends? (Part 8)

The first time I came across this poem from Walt Whitman I fell to my knees in agony. It broke my heart because I truly understood the loneliness, the bitterness and the envy.

End of Mythology: Calvin understands – there were no glory days

Every day in school was not about education or learning but rather it was about getting enough air while not being seen. Everything I did in school was about trying to survive.

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