Life Lessons: Old black water is the sign of our times

Just to be fair – and so there is no confusion – this blog is intended to be an act of shameless self-promotion.

First of all, my mom has told me since I was kid she wants me to write. She is my biggest fan – because she loves me. And really – don’t mothers know everything?

Over the years I’ve written in starts and fits but have never really committed to following through with it. I never really believed in my writing until recently. Possibly because it’s time consuming. Possibly because my writing style doesn’t fit a particular genre. Possibly because I’m afraid of commitment and criticism – amongst other things.

However, I made several personal commitments to do some things differently this year. One is running a marathon. A second is writing. I think part of this push to write is I turned 41 this year. Also, I had a husband of a friend tragically die recently. His death reminded me that when it’s time to go it’s time to go. I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way – but it is the truth.

So I started training for the marathon that is run in May 2010. I also started a blog to put some of my writings out there. I’d like to invite you to my blog.

I’m personally inviting you for two reasons:

1. Although we may not always agree I trust you will be respectful and offer constructive criticism on how to improve my writing.

2. If a tree falls in the forest does it make a sound? Writing is kind of like that as well. I like to think I write for myself but I don’t. I’m not sure anyone really does. My writing helps me see myself better. By hearing how people respond to my writing it helps me better understand myself, others, society, and my spiritual self.

I know – I sound like a bleeding heart, touchy feely writer already.

My father and I were joking recently that I’m too deep. I laughed because I feel like I’m a mile wide and an inch deep. I hope you will follow my writing, provide some feedback (even if we disagree) and share my writings with others.

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