Top five accomplisments of a common man

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

Okay – I’ll go first but in the end I want you to share one with my readers and me. What would you say is the most important obstacle you’ve overcome in your life? What was the lesson?

As my Marine Corp Drill Instructor might say: “Good initiative, poor judgment.” Sometimes, it wasn’t even good initiative. Here are the lessons…

My past is littered with mistakes, errors, blunders, miscalculations, gaffes and full-blown fiascos. The reality is every one of those experiences has value. Of course, many are painful, some are embarrassing – and even occasionally hilarious – but all are meaningful. I made mistakes – real whoppers that impacted my life’s trajectory. Are still impacting the trajectory but I’ve learned nothing good comes from bitterness, regret and morbid reflection.

Embracing my mistakes, redefining them instead of being defined by them, is an accomplishment that changes the quality of life

How to love – there is an achievement worth mentioning.

The tests are varied. Most are differentiated in order to maximize student comprehension: how to love a parent, a brother, a daughter from afar, an ex-wife, the IRS, the ying and the yang, life, the enemy, myself, and the Universe. I’m still learning. Sometimes, I have to retake test. Sometimes, I get to teach the course.

Success! What an achievement!

A checklist: Fortune? No. Fame? No. Glory? (He says with a chuckle) No. Then what is the merit for calling it achievement? A family reunited, a love found, a service performed, renewed trust, a seed planted, a garden grown, a risk taken, a wrong righted and truth honored and honored by truth. These are the results of a 1,000 personal and anonymous achievements.

I hated my family. Not for any one particular reason, there were many.

Given time I could probably list off several dozen. The perceived slights, slams, and snubs of an oversensitive and immature man trapped me behind resentments and fear. How the times have changed. Because of willingness, honesty and humility the hatred is gone replaced by respect and love – there is an achievement worth mentioning.

When my daughter knocks on my door, I’ll be ready.

I’ll be the best man I can be. When I wake-up every morning the goal is to be a better man then yesterday. Sometimes, I am. Sometimes, I’m not. I am more often then I use to be. If I’m dead, and she asks about me, I hope my friends can tell the truth without embellishment – “He was a fine man who loved you everyday.”

That is the achievement I live towards.

So – I’ve shown you mine. What are your accomplishments? What have you overcome? What was your lesson?

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  1. I like that you have written out your accomplishments past, present and future. I glad that you have achieved growth and I hope you have a wonderful year 2010 ahead!!!!


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