An Angry Patriot: Are you a Nazi? Am I? Who gets to decide?

My grandfather and his brothers fought in Europe against Hitler and the Nazis. Stop disrespecting their sacrifices for politics.

Even today, over 50 years later, when he speaks of the Nazis he begins to foam at the mouth. His friends and family fought and died ridding the Earth of a man who planned, promoted, and advocated for the genocide of 6 million Jews and another 5 million “undesirables”.

Every time you refer to your political opponent as a Nazi or Hitler you are insulting the patriots who fought in WWII and dismissing the sacrifices my grandparents made so I could live in a free country.

Seriously, if I see one more person waving a picture of the US President Barack Obama doctored up to look like Hitler I’m going to be forced to modify another semi-automatic AR-15. So before you start demonizing the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader of the United States of America as a Nazi learn your history, read the US Constitution and get a dictionary.

Barack Obama is no more Hitler-like then George W. Bush. These are reasonable men doing what they were democratically elected to do (I know but nothing good comes from rehashing the 2000 election – fix the system don’t be a wingnut). Contrary to what FOX News presents, no President ever gets up in the morning thinking – “How can I screw more Americans out of their civil liberties”.

Those who are using the term for political gain are leveraging the fear and ignorance of the masses and are walking a fine line between treachery and treason. If I believed that Obama – or Bush – was a Nazi I’d be the first one to arms and organizing Freedom Fighters – provided the current and legal processes for changing US leadership was being circumvented. And believe it or not – there is a process – ask Andrew Johnson, Theodore Roosevelt, Lyndon B. Johnson and Gerald R. Ford. Actually, they are all dead so it might be simpler to read the US Constitution.

My concern is there is some paranoid whack job out there who believes these Birther, fascist, Muslim conspiracy delusions and will attempt to fulfill his “calling” – but I digress.

If you are an American tossing around the term “Nazi” to describe another human being do you realize what you are saying? Do you even know what the term means or what it meant to be a Nazi? If you do know, and continue to use it to slander others or embrace it as a constructive worldview, well, you have no conscious or soul and are past the point of redemption.

By their nature Nazis:

  • Claim a Christian belief system but are anti-Catholic
  • Belief in the superiority of an Aryan race
  • Advocated a strong, centralized government to defend the German people around the world against Communism and Jewish servitude
  • Accept the idea of history as a race struggle influenced by Social Darwinism
  • Are antisemitic
  • Believe a diverse population that including multiple races and cultures breeds a weak people and a weak state
  • And are imperialistic

To achieve these goals Nazis sought:

  • The creation of a largely homogeneous and self-sufficent ethnic state
  • Rejected ideologies like democracy, liberalism, capitalist and Marxism (You cannot be both a Nazi and a Communist)
  • Embraced nationalism as communal duty of citizens serve to the state
  • Relied on military power to maintain order and control both inside and outside its internationally recognized borders
  • The compulsory sterilization of people with mental deficiencies or illnesses perceived as hereditary

The Nazis executed over 11 million people in 7 years or rough 1,570,000 people every year. That doesn’t include the men and women that fought – on both sides – that died or the additional non-combatant deaths. As a comparison below are a list of US cities and their populations. These 11,000,000 plus people would die under Hitler.

Population City
795,458 Indianapolis, Ind.
805,605 Jacksonville, Fla.
764,976 San Francisco, Calif.
747,755 Columbus, Ohio
743,074 Austin, Tex.
674,028 Memphis, Tenn.
637,455 Baltimore, Md.
681,818 Fort Worth, Tex.
671,588 Charlotte, N.C.
606,913 El Paso, Tex.
602,191 Milwaukee, Wis.
594,210 Seattle, Wash.
599,351 Boston, Mass.
588,349 Denver, Colo.
557,789 Louisville-Jefferson County, Ky
588,292 Washington, DC
590,807 Nashville-Davidson, Tenn.
11,249,659 Total

So seriously, stop with the Nazism slander. It is wrong morally, historically and intellectually to paint your fellow countryman as Hitler or a Nazi. My grandfather, his brothers and friends fought and died in Africa, Italy, Normandy and a 1,000 other shitholes in order for us to be free. Use your freedom of speech but take some responsibility for what you say.


  1. Sean – not only should we, as individuals, watch what we say but we also need to be more compassionate and open towards the views of others.

    What occurred under Hilter’s reign is horrific, demoralizing and somewhat demonic IMHO so to use that phrase for anyone is nothing short of wrong.

    Though many people disagree with what is happening in office right now everyone can agree that there has been nothing even close to what happened to the 11 million that were lost during Hilter’s stampede.

    Now I disgress…..let’s be realistic and instead of complaining ….do what we can to make our country a better place to live.


  2. Very well said Sean!

    Personally I’m getting tired of people defining themselves by politics, race, religion and nativism as if that is all there is life, as if it’s a matter of life an death, driving extreme paranoia. Unfortunately there are far too many political factions at work, bent on causing division among the masses, forcing these issues down our throats and keeping the fires burning, all for the benefit of their own political ideologies.
    The only way this is ever going to change is if people collectively start to boycott these issues, pay less attention to the wingnuts and instead, focus on the humanities and the spirit of free enterprise to jump-start the economy and do everything possible to dominate the airways.

    Move over political bigotry!

    Let’s make it a Happy New Year! 🙂


  3. You are 100% correct. We should not call Obama a Hitler because it is not true at all and it detracts from what he really is. He is a Socialist who wishes to turn the Constitution into a worthless piece of paper by demonstrating that one can completely ignore what it clearly states as law.

    I remember the Hitler name calling unfolding. Some pundits were showing the parallels between what Hitler did in the 1930’s as compared to what Obama is doing now. Offering generous welfare, financial favors to government workers who sided with him, universal health care, and other nice benefits.
    They were explaining how he gained favor.

    The discussion was very informative to me. I served in Germany for 2 1/2 years and I always wondered how a country with so many old churches could have went so wrong. How could a God-fearing people commit such horrific acts? I noticed that the Germans were the most law-abiding citizens too. Jay walking was considered an abomination there for Pete’s sake.

    To keep it simple, I’ll use fire as an example. I can show you how to make a fire to keep warm and cook. I can also show you how to make a fire to burn a house down. All that the pundits were trying to show was that Obama was using the same methods that Hitler used to gain favor. It is an important historical lesson. Whether you believe Obama is doing it to do good or tear down our legal and political system is the real debate.

    A right-wing extremist would immediately jump up and say “Obama is a Hitler, he’s doing the same things he did.”. A left-wing extremist takes the defensive and explains that right is only out to demonize a good man. Nothing is gained from the debate.

    It would seem wise to me to look for the truth in the matter. Obviously, Obama is not trying to achieve the same end goal that Hitler was. It’s not even a debate. As a strict-constructionists, I would say that he is attempting to dismantle the Constitution as I and many others see it defined. There is much evidence to support this, none of which is delusional. Men far more educated than myself on both sides of the issue would argue that his actions are real and worthy of attention.

    In your post, you attack in the same way that your opposition attacks. Immediate characterization and attempted marginalization through the use of the derogatory terms Birther, fascist, and Muslim conspiracist.

    “Birthers”, have a legitimate argument made by intelligent people. They did not just pull it out of thin air and there are legitimate concerns. If they were worthy of marginalization, they would have nothing.

    I have not ever met a Fascist on the right. We could debate the meaning of the term, but it is a term used in the same way Nazi is used to infuriate.

    Muslim conspiracies? I would hope you expect at least some. We are at war with an extreme Muslim faction and a war has never been fought without using a few good conspiracies. Is Obama a Muslim. He states he isn’t, which would not place him a good position with Allah, so I would have to hope he is telling the truth. Does he have a background that would cause him to be more empathetic towards a Muslim faction than any of his rivals? It would be foolish not to watch his actions.

    You are right, we should all get past the name calling and place our efforts towards solutions for the inevitable problems we are about to face. Name calling isn’t going to solve a thing, but learning our history in an effort to not repeat it will.


    1. Hi Mark,

      Thanks for your comments.

      I’m not going to comment on most of your posting because you’ve made up your mind and nothing good will come from fisking. However, I would like to address two points because you raise an excellent point.

      Here is my perspective on politics: “We don’t see things as they are,” wrote Anaïs Nin, “we see them as we are.” Please keep this in mind as you read the rest of this post.

      You wrote:

      “In your post, you attack in the same way that your opposition attacks. Immediate characterization and attempted marginalization through the use of the derogatory terms Birther, fascist, and Muslim conspiracist”

      Mark, unless I misunderstand, and if I do, just ignore this, your argument is that Birthers have a “legitimate argument made by intelligent people” and that my use of the phrase “Birthers” in context of my posting marginalizes and ridicules them.

      Here is the point I want to clarify because I don’t want there to be any confusion:

      1. I agree the majority of Birthers are intelligent people
      2. Birthers refer to themselves as Birthers (see
      3. There is no legitimate evidence that supports the Birther argument
      4. Support of the Birther perspective is based on either intellectually dishonest or a political agenda

      In other words, the Birthers’ entire theory is not based on the actual reasonable demonstratable evidence but on what they want the facts to be (I’m not going to go into all of the Birthers’ false, misleading “evidence” – it is well documented). The bottomline is, for whatever reason – political, social or philosophical – they don’t want Obama to be President. Creating the “illusion” of a legitimate citizenship issue creates a political tool for 2010 and 2012.

      This is similar to Karl Roves’ whisper campaign against John McCain in 2000. Even today there are people who believe this lie because they want to believe this lie. It fits their worldview.

      In order for Birthers to be correct there would have to be a major preplanned conspiracy that involves the legitimate press, the state government of Hawaii, the Secret Service, the hospital and its staff and President Obama himself. This fits their worldview; it is political paranoia.

      Reading Birther literature there is a clear use of fear-based language that reinforces unreasonable fears and utilizes violent imagery and rhetoric.

      For example:
      1. “We are the Birthers, we are those who are under attack…”
      2. “[Liberal] long-term goal [is] to destroy America’s economic system and social fabric and our Constitutional Republic form of government and replace it with totalitarian socialism or fascism…” (Just as a side-bar: you cannot be a fascist AND a socialist)
      3. “Fight for your very soul America, for it is being stolen from you.”

      Tragically, there are those who are willing to use the intellectual dishonesty of sheep to further a political agenda. Orson Wells described these followers as sheep and the pundits and consultants are pigs. Birthers are predisposed to believe the worst about the democratically, majority elected President of the United States because they want to believe it not because it is true.

      The second point I want to stress is some members of both political parties are guilty of oversimplifying complex issues. Birthers and President Obama’s religious beliefs are not oversimplified complex issues; they are manufactured issues intentionally made complex in order to manipulate the emotions of the electorate in order to leverage the fears for political gain.

      Republicans are not my opposition. Neither are Democrats. My opposition is blind obedience to a political, religious or social dogma. My conservative friends think I’m liberal; my liberal friends think I’m conservative. In both cases – I know my friends love their country.

      There is more but that is plenty for now. Mark, thanks again for posting.


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