My Daughter Hates Me: colonoscopies are important (Part 5 of 13)

As I said, I still face the consequences of my actions when trying to buy a car or pay my back support but the difference today is I know I’m a good man, regardless of what others think. Recovering from a steep and sudden slide down the scale leads to a long, steep and laborious climb back out of the hole. It takes more character and willingness then many people are readily willing to acknowledge; it is simpler for some to believe leopards never change their spots. I think this allows them the comfort of their own sins.

It’s amazing what a boy will do for a little piece of tail

For teen fathers it is all terror – at least for me. You see the life you imagined dissolving into the life you’ve chosen. I’m not complaining – my daughter was the single best gift of my life – but the reality is nothing can prepare a boy for adulthood. Except maybe adulthood.

An Angry Patriot: Send in the clowns

It’s the wingnuts that will miss the point and rally around the “genius” of the Clowns. The paranoid, self-important clowns on the right will think I’m talking about them and become indignant and defensive questioning my Patriotism. The delusional clowns on the left will think I’m talking about – well – the right. This is the fact that would make me laugh if it wasn’t so sad it makes me want to cry. Where’s a good clown when you need one? Send in the clowns.

An Angry Patriot: Intellectual dishonesty is a choice

Most of what is passing as insightful punditry is really intellectually dishonest sophistry. In some respects, it is my own fault. I use to naively believe ignorance was the result of a failure of education and society. I was ignoring 6,000 years (or 60 million years depending on whom you speak with) of human society.

My Daughter Hates Me: More hard truth (Part 2 of 13)

Naturally, I could throw myself on the sword, – something I’m sure a few people would be willing to pay to see – play the martyr, and take all the blame. That certainly would allow Kellie to continue repeating to others the part of the story that is convenient. But truthfully, if blame were food we would be having a Thanksgiving feast and everyone involved would have seconds.