An Angry Patriot: All or nothing is a dangerous mindset – more Beckwellian paranoia

Recently I read with some curiosity an essay by Wounded Eagle entitled A Thief in The Night.

Reading this article, and many like it, watching the news-tainment and listening to “experts” makes me really miss the intellectual integrity and character of William F. Buckley, Jr.

Essentially, she is suggesting that those that disagree with her are sneaking into her house and robbing her of her rights. In more hyperbolic, sophistic rhetoric she claims that those that are opposed to her idea of “America” are simply cancer to be cut out by whatever means necessary. Ignoring the mixed metaphors of the thief in the night or a cancer it is a dangerous message.

It advocates a belief system based on mistrust, fear and anger. It lacks historical content, perspective and honesty. It is intellectually dishonest and dangerous. She claims the mantle of Christ but rejects the nation’s Christian desire to care for the sick and poor, patience and tolerance of those that disagree with her and supports the continued greed of those that created this economic disaster.

Although she parrots support for the Bill of Rights and the freedom of speech she doesn’t practice it. Below is my response to what I consider more social Beckwellian paranoia.


Interesting essay – you make some good points but it isn’t a black and white world.

Franklin also said, “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.”

In the name of national security and safety the GOP heralded in the largest federal debt of our nation’s history. The largest expansion of intrusive government power undermining the bill of rights came under the GOP. The largest expansion of executive power including wire tapping, search & seizure and Presidential signing statements under the GOP. Demonized those that in the name of responsible government called the Bush administration to account for choices.

All in the name of safety and security.

In order to begin to treat any illness – cancer or a cold – we’d better know what is wrong. To simply blame whatever is convenient is ignorant and dangerous. The problem with this country is not the liberals or conservatives, the GOP or the Dems. It is anyone in either group declaring they are the “righteous” and “moral” voice of America.

The word “conservative” is defined as “resistant to change”. The Founding Fathers were considered liberals and radicals in their thinking and considered intellectual elitists. The Crown was considered conservative because they opposed basic human freedoms and human rights. The British Crown was resistant to change while the Founding Fathers embraced change.

It was the GOP that initiated the financial bailout of the banks – something I find outlandish as well. The banks don’t make anything. However, the auto industry does & I’m tired of blue collar jobs simply being exported away.

This isn’t new – Reagan, Eisenhower, Theodore and Lincoln all expanded the power of the Federal government in light of the economic realities of their time. Politicians typically do what is expedient, occasionally “best” and hardly ever “right”. Neither do most people on the street – that is human nature. It isn’t a black and white world.

Lastly, to suggest that those that are of a different opinion are simply a “cancer” that should be cut out by whatever means necessary is to undermine democratic debate. It’s the extremists that are ruining this country.

If the GOP has a better plan for health care, energy or the economy share it. It is easy to snipe from the sidelines. When I ask my GOP friends what they suggest to address these issues they invariably just criticize without offering suggestions. They want the power without having offering a solution.

All or nothing is a dangerous mindset.


  1. I heartily agree with your every word Sean. Daily, Americans are becoming more divided, supposedly over ‘issues’. But it’s not the basic issues of health care, bailouts, jobs, economy, foreign policy, etc., that divide us……it is our insistence on categorizing each other, which is basically just being judgmental. We must move past this base human characteristic of elevating ourselves by denigrating others, and start to work together, really listen to others’ opinions/needs/wants/wishes, and work toward common ground. Then we can begin to move forward toward solutions.


    1. Hi Maxine,
      I agree. The tragedy is if the goal is gaining power the most effective method is to tear others down. Human nature has some beautiful qualities as the world’s response to the earthquake in Haiti demonstrates. However, when it is prideful and gluttonous and envious it often opens a door to a terrifying reality: it is simpler to destroy then create. As humans we are very good at destroying…

      Soooo…thank the stars for dogs.
      Thanks! Sean


  2. Very good points Sean and well-written. It appears as though the Thief in the Night post is gone or the link just isn’t working. I would have liked to have read that. I think it becomes a problem when you identify so much with the faction that you ignore (or overlook) its negative practices. Neither side is always right or has the absolutely right way of doing things. We are in desperate need of some moderation.


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