The Things I Carry: It’s All Here (Part 2)

The problem with being an emotional hoarder is that you never throw anything away. Which is after all, the definition of a person who hordes. Pretty soon there isn't room for anything new because the old is crowding up the place. There isn't room for new events, memories, people or opportunities. It is just like... Continue Reading →

The Things I Carry: The Doghouse (Part 1)

Everyone carries something: a wallet, car keys, pictures of children, spouses or their dog. Cell phone, MP3 player, credit cards, a purse and cash. Lipstick, condoms, mouthwash, floss or a toothbrush. Some people carry all of those things.  I'm a material minimalist. I carry a clip that holds my driver's license, insurance card, debit card, library... Continue Reading →

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