The Things I Carry: It’s All Here (Part 2)

The problem with being an emotional hoarder is that you never throw anything away. Which is after all, the definition of a person who hordes. Pretty soon there isn’t room for anything new because the old is crowding up the place. There isn’t room for new events, memories, people or opportunities. It is just like throwing away old family pictures. You don’t know who these people are but you never know so you hang onto pictures. The irony is my personal life is the only place I do that. Generally, but I’ll get to that.

So what I decided to do was take a snap shot of material things and events that are tied to specific memories. Then I will take the picture and write the story. Some of the stories will be beautiful. Some are painful. I’ll keep the good things and stop letting the crap define me. I’m going to weigh through them and discard what is in the way and find a better place for the rest.

Below is a start.

I have a great life but some of this stuff is interfering in my ability to fully participate in relationships: to participate wholly and completely. To participate with integrity.

That is going to stop.

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