The Hero and the Harem (Part 1)

...and here is the allegory Every homeland has a King or Emperor or Bishop. In my homeland, Alcoholism was Our Emperor...and I was the Hero. Every Emperor needs a court over which His Power is defined. Within the Court of my Homeland, the Emperor had a Hero, a Jester and Consorts. Everyone has a role to fill... Continue Reading →

The Things I Carry: Wonder Woman and my Ex (Part 4)

Yesterday, I was criticized. It wasn't even constructive. It is not a surprise actually. Everyone has critics in life: people who look and judge and tell you what you do wrong or what you can do better (or how they would do it better). People who respond with a simple "suck it up" or "buck up" or "shut... Continue Reading →

The Things I Carry: The Jell-O Mold (Part 3)

When I started this little writing project the goal was to give internal pains an external form - a picture, a shape, an image and a few words. It seemed so simple. There should be nothing difficult about expressing these truths. But each time I sit down and start to write I choke and gag.... Continue Reading →

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