Redux: Was this All a dream?

Still one of my favorite things I’ve written in the last 12 months.

It is All here.

I turn my back.

The Wind whispers poetry and passionate promises through Her riggings. She needs Him. Her love and passions are unconditional. Unquenchable.I look toward the sea and the Grace moored. Flags buffeted by the salt air breeze. She bobs lazily at her anchor as gulls drift past her. She is silent. Patient. Waiting for Her crew and Her passengers. She is happy resting beneath a blue sky dotted with floating, misshapen cotton-balls.

He needs Her. Only She lets Him be seen. She is His muse. His love. His passion.

He is unfaithful. Even now, while loving Her, He spreads His whispers across the sea.

She lets Him love Her regardless. His recent torments and hurricanes forgotten. All She lives for His breath. His kiss. His gentle caresses pushing Her outward.  His whispers are all that can set Her free from Her anchor.

I stand where Life meets Death. I stand where War meets Peace. I stand now where the granite rocks defiantly jet outward into the black waters. I stand at Point Perspective. I peer into the waters and see only darkness. Fear slowing creeps up my limbs to my mind’s eye. I fear what I do not know. I fear what I cannot see. The sea is full of unknown dangers looking to feast on my limbs. My loves. My shames. My fears. My dreams. My soul.

Still She patiently waits. Her colors waving a warm welcome to me.

The ladder calls me.

I am a seal. I dive into the surf.

Leap. Plunge. Leap. Plunge.

Terror of the unknown and the imagined drives me from the black waters. Leap. Exhilaration charges throughout me at the burst of color and smells.  Plunge.  Only between the leap and the plunge Calmness.  Clarity.

Leap. Exhilaration. Calmness. Clarity. Plunge. Terror.  Leap. Exhilaration. Calmness. Clarity. Plunge. Terror. Leap. Exhilaration. Calmness. Clarity. Plunge. Terror. Leap. Exhilaration. Calmness. Clarity. Plunge. Terror.


And Over.

And Over.

I climb the ladder. Exhilarated. Exhausted. Terrified. Cold. Naked.

I turn back and for the first time see it All


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