An Angry Patriot: I’m a damn proud Yankee or why we should burn Atlanta again

Uncle Sam 1I’m an educated, elitist, liberal, progressive, secular Yankee.

And I am damn proud of it.

My heroes are other Yankees like Teddy Roosevelt, Ben Franklin, Rudy Giulani, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sam Clemens, Walt Whitman and Jon Stewart.

I’m tired of GOP politicians and revisionists of southern history denigrating my rich heritage. Yankees fought to preserve the Union while Southern elitists fought to tear it asunder.

Yankees built universities, research centers, libraries, schools and accepted immigrants because we knew the truth of our history. We mined the coal, granite, iron ore, oil and timber that build this nation. We made steel, glass, rubber and the machines of industry.

Yankees and immigrants built canals, railroads and Clipper Ships.

We left New England and planted universities, seminaries, libraries and civilization across along the midwest and the Ohio River Valley. Our wives and daughters started the suffrage movements and planted the seeds for feminism and civil rights. We traded and traveled the world.

We Yankees did all of this and more.

We build cities and industry while slave owners sat on the porch sipping mint juleps, complaining about the heat, untrustworthy Yankees and fucking their house servants.

Today politicians and sophists like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and the Religious Zealots suggest I don’t “know” my country’s history. They accuse me of undermining god’s will for a christian nation. They misquote Washington, Adams, Hamilton, Franklin and Hancock and call me a traitor. They argue for a strict interpretation of the Constitution and then support dragging the judiciary in-front of Congress for a rebuke. They changed the Pledge of Allegiance and the motto of the United States and squawk about strict Constitutionalism. They cry about the infringing of their rights but reject any discussion of responsibility as being un-American, un-christian and un-democratic.

They ignore, ridicule and reject sound sciences, embrace revisionist world history and spout mythology and mysticism and then call me ignorant.

They suggest that I am a cancer on American exceptionalism.

I have news for you – America is exceptional because of the Yankee.

We are exceptional because of the immigrant.

We are exceptional because we are a secular nation.

Being secular, inclusive and tolerant is what keeps us from being another theocracy like Iran, the Taliban, early Mormons or Puritans. It is what keeps us from being a monarchy like Saudi Arabia or a dictatorship like Syria or Pakistan. Being a secular and inclusive REPUBLIC is what keeps fundamentalists from having a national inquisition deciding who are “real Americans.”

It is why the litmus test for being a good American isn’t the same as being a good christian. It is why we no longer burn witches, put heretics on the rack or stone adulterers.

It is the Yankee that makes the United States exceptional.

I am not afraid of the muslim, the mosque, the government, the jews, a nuclear Iran or a nationalistic China. I do not fear the future. I am not ashamed of the past. I do not drape myself in the flag as proof of my patriotism. I save words like fascists, communists, socialists and Nazis only for the fascists, communists, socialists and Nazis.

I’m not afraid because I live in an exceptional nation that is progressively moving forward and not longingly, wistfully holding on some romantic, half-baked idea of the United States.

You live in the past. The rest of us are moving forward.

Yes. I am a damn proud Yankee and this is my nation.

13 thoughts on “An Angry Patriot: I’m a damn proud Yankee or why we should burn Atlanta again

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  1. I wish you were right about our country moving forward. Seems like we’re moving back to the Dark Ages with all these anti-science, anti-education, anti-environment, anti-reality Republicans we have in the government.


  2. I agree with the sentiment but Atlanta is full of Yankees, scientific researchers, libraries, liberal seminaries, etc. So let’s leave Atlanta standing. Now some of the suburbs…that’s a whole other issue 🙂


  3. While I agree, in principle, with practically everything you said, I can’t help but think you’re attitude puts you in the same boat as those you speak against. I don’t know what it will take for US (us, like we the people, not U.S.) to be able to accept each other and have intelligent discussions to solve our problems, but the above is not it. Neither is burning Atlanta, though I might be willing to help.
    I hope you don’t see me as one of “those” and that being why I can’t seem to get in touch with you. I hope it’s because I have the wrong number. I drove through Columbus today with extra time and was hoping to visit. I’d love to get together one day.


    1. Hi Keith!! Roger told me you went through town. I’m sorry I missed you. He said you called but I didn’t get a message or text. Email me and I will send you my phone number. I had to replace my phone recentland lost a lot of numbers.

      I’m glad you wrote!



    2. Hi Keith.

      As far as the post I was pretty specific about who the people I have a bitch about – historical revisionists, sophists and political pundits.

      I think it is about time the people who are being condemned as anti-American speak up. Palin said during the last election people on the East and West coast don’t understand what it means to be an American. Too many sheeple agree.

      The difference between my message and theirs is I believe in political compromise, progressive idealism, open dialogue, secularism, cultural inclusion and federalism. I stand with Occupy Wall Sreeet and against K-Street.

      For those things they label me a socialist, facist, Nazi or communist. They use fear-mongering to promote a disingenuous and dishonest worldview not based in reality.

      I’m tired of it. I’ve watched during the GOP debate candidate after candidate sell their values, principles and ideals to a fringe wing of the conservative party. The only candidate on the GOP side is Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman. I probably will vote for Paul in Ohio’s Republican primary.

      The truth is – as I said – I’m a educated, elitist, progressive, liberal Yankee and proud of it. I’m done hiding from the wingnuts.

      As far as Atlanta goes, I’m happy to start in the suburbs.


      1. I can’t seem to find your e-mail. I’m subscribed here, can you get mine from that? I thought I could message you on FB but it seems your gone! What to do…


      2. Hi Ben. I don’t know about the general election but during the Ohio Primary I’ll vote for him. I like – but don’t always agree – with what he says but more importantly he is consistent and doesn’t change a position out of a desire to suck-up to the extremists in the GOP.


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