I want simplicity of purpose

“There are an infinite number of things I could be doing but there is only a finite number worth doing.” – Sean Kinney

There are a lot of things in this blog I could write about. I don’t want to. I want what I write here to have simplicity of purpose. I want it to be filled with a passion for life…and love and selflessness and hope and optimism and truth…

They have probably all mattered and are important but I feel a tipping point – a big everyone-out-of-the-boat-and-we’re-gonna-drown – tipping point.

…and I want there to be a shortage of commas and punctuation and the occasional hanging participle & emoticons.  these things r not simply a list. They are not bullet points either.

Im tired of arbitrary rules determined by arbitrary people. I’ll use contractions or not – depending on my mood.

So there is the theme and the point of this blog in one grammatically cringe-worthy and error-filled and purposeful paragraph.

I can’t wait to see what happens.

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