Amazing craftsmanship and story. Today we would program the design into a computer and with a little computerized weaving create the tapestry.

On the plus side we have more time to watch honey boo boo.

Letter From Britain

In 1890 William Knox D’Arcy commissioned Morris & Co to make him a set of six tapestries depicting scenes from the legend of King Arthur and the quest for the Holy Grail. The tapestries were to line the walls of his dining room at Stanmore Hall just outside London. Additional versions of the tapestries with minor variations were woven on commission by Morris & Co. over the next decade, and several of the tapestries can be viewed in Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery.

The above tapestry is our own, it shows the central section of one of the scenes depicting The Attainment or The Achievement of the Holy Grail. 

The Failure of Sir Gawaine

The arming and departure of the Knights

Detail of one of the verdures with Deer and Shields

The Arming of the Knights and its verdure panel in situ at Stanmore Hall 1898

The Attainment at Stanmore…

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