I ain’t no mysogynist or chauvinist

I ain’t no mysogynist or chauvinist but I got to say, women are getting awfully impossible to please these days. I’ve been busting my butt for years trying to keep women happy, and they’re madder at me now than they were before I started trying so hard. I quit playing softball and deer hunting and... Continue Reading →

Drowning on dry land

Every time I've ever said, "As long as I get paid for it", a little piece of my soul dies. Bangs head against steering wheel... No wonder suicide rates are so high for middle aged white men. I'm never saying it again.

Am I your guiding light?

I think not. You don’t need a guiding-light. You are your own light but you lack confidence and belief because of the abuse, shaming and gaslighting. You lack love for self (Go look it up. I'll wait.). I know this because I've spent a long time making self destructive choices because I too have had bad Teachers that resulted in me... Continue Reading →

John Steinbeck on Falling in Love: A 1958 Letter to his son

Wish I had learned this truth sooner. Now that I know, I hope I can pass it on. Taken from John Steinbeck's book: Steinbeck: A Life in Letters. I found the text on Maria Popova's Brain Picking's page. New York November 10, 1958 Dear Thom: We had your letter this morning. I will answer it from my... Continue Reading →

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