Am I your guiding light?

I think not.

You don’t need a guiding-light. You are your own light but you lack confidence and belief because of the abuse, shaming and gaslighting. You lack love for self (Go look it up. I’ll wait.).

I know this because I’ve spent a long time making self destructive choices because I too have had bad Teachers that resulted in me being trained poorly.

Or maybe it is poorly trained?

I think now that we both should have been trained by someone that believed in Us and believed in our Vision. We were trained to expect less. Regardless, as a result I too occasionally lack love for self and act out or don’t act at all.

Perhaps it is my lesson.

Maybe, although I don’t know, it is yours too. The Universe is an amazingly peculiar place. Perhaps the only reason I made those choices was so I can be here to help you when you make yours.

However, I will love you regardless if you learn the lesson…and if you do, or do not, I’ll love you, not more or less, but still.

I am a friend.

An advocate.

A partner.

As such, I will protect you, comfort you, shelter you, encourage you and help your Power grow whenever you need or want the help. I will do this without shaming, judging or ridiculing you. I will do it without snarky comments or cutting sarcasm. That is part of my power – I believe in You.

I believe in your Vision.

That is your light.

As such, I’ll share mine with you because I’m learning I am my own light too and therefore I don’t need to take yours. Instead I am learning how to share it with you because it isn’t a competition.

The goal of my light is not to blind you or over power you but simply to warm you when you are cold or when things look dim…but when and if I need help I will ask you to offer me the same love too.

Sometimes I won’t ask and will just need you to know. Sometimes I will simply need a kiss on the forehead. Sometimes I will need a kick in the pants. Regardless, I trust you to know what I need.

I want you to bring your light to me. I will share my light with you. When we are together things are so much brighter.

That is friendship.

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