I ain’t no mysogynist or chauvinist

Philly Fountain 2
Getting Love Backwards

I ain’t no mysogynist or chauvinist but I got to say, women are getting awfully impossible to please these days.

I’ve been busting my butt for years trying to keep women happy, and they’re madder at me now than they were before I started trying so hard. I quit playing softball and deer hunting and took up painting delicate watercolors, still lifes mostly, and tossing salads, and learned how to discuss issues and feelings and concerns and not make jokes about them, and they’re STILL angry at me.

A guy can’t win.

Boys, let me tell you this for your own good and it’ll save you a lot of time later in life: most women deep down believe that everything wrong is men’s fault and nothing you can ever do will change that. So don’t worry about it. Live your life.

– From the Book of Guys, by Garrison Keillor

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