The Things I Carry: Where 36 and 37 Meet

There are a lot of incredible places to explore in Ohio. Ohio is full of a rich and diverse history thanks to the Ohio River and it's tributaries, and of course, Lake Erie. If you scoff it is probably because you have never bothered to get off the interstate of leave your suburbia enclave. I... Continue Reading →

An Angry Patriot: Send in the clowns

One of the first posts I made. I liked it when I wrote it. I like it even more now.

Old Black Waters

I’m afraid of flying. I also fear crowds, most organized religions, dentists…and clowns.  Not necessarily in that order.

Of course, clowns doing crowd control, with dental drills or flying planes aren’t a concern. Only the smallest fractions of people in those groups are actually clowns…and when you come across one, he or she is generally a well meaning clown. I watched an airline pilot do magic and tell jokes in an attempt to entertain a hysterical toddler on a flight to Japan. At the time the real goal was probably to keep the rest of the passengers from binding the child to a food cart and gagging him with a pillow but the pilot meant well and was definitely clowning around.

As I said, most are well-meaning clowns and often make me laugh. They aren’t the ones to fear.

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The State of Pox: Sexuality, Shame and Dogma

Recently, I went down the rabbit hole and left needing a shower to wash off the filth. I find this particular movement so disgusting and disturbing I have to keep coming back to this post to finish it. The topic makes me angry and I am using this post to speak out about it. As... Continue Reading →

Things I Luv: Doughnuts, James Joyce & Suffering

I was revisiting some of my previous posts and this one jumped out at me. As such, I wanted to share it again. I found it an excellent reminder of how easy it is to get lost when I ignore my Vision.

Old Black Waters

I hate suffering. I even hate the word. I hate the idea of being in love with suffering.

Not just because I think it is stupid or a cliché – it is – but because as much as I hate to admit it, there are places in my life where it is true. “The truth will set you free”, said a friend, “but first it will piss you off”. Whenever, I hear the phrase “you love your suffering” it pisses me off but I cannot deny the reality: sometimes I do.

There are places in life that I have chosen to embrace my suffering and use it as de facto definition of who I am simply because I can think of nothing better. My suffering is like the hole in a donut: although the hole doesn’t actually exist sometimes it is all I see. The suffering exists in my life…

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My bromance with Brad Pitt

I have a man crush on Brad Pitt. No seriously. I crush on him. It's true. Let me explain. Recently, I was reading an interview Brad was giving about Angelina. He was talking about her reaction to life and some of the problems they were having. Or more specifically some of the problems Angelina was... Continue Reading →

Does this smell like passion?

Food for thought I've been giving my writing some thought recently. Where it is going; what I am going to do with it. There is no simple answer. I can write. I write well. Big deal. The world is full of wonderfully talented and insightful writers. However, that doesn't mean they actually have anything to... Continue Reading →

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