Things I Luv: Doughnuts, James Joyce & Suffering

I was revisiting some of my previous posts and this one jumped out at me. As such, I wanted to share it again. I found it an excellent reminder of how easy it is to get lost when I ignore my Vision.

Old Black Waters

I hate suffering. I even hate the word. I hate the idea of being in love with suffering.

Not just because I think it is stupid or a cliché – it is – but because as much as I hate to admit it, there are places in my life where it is true. “The truth will set you free”, said a friend, “but first it will piss you off”. Whenever, I hear the phrase “you love your suffering” it pisses me off but I cannot deny the reality: sometimes I do.

There are places in life that I have chosen to embrace my suffering and use it as de facto definition of who I am simply because I can think of nothing better. My suffering is like the hole in a donut: although the hole doesn’t actually exist sometimes it is all I see. The suffering exists in my life…

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