The State of Pox: Sexuality, Shame and Dogma

Uncle Sam 1Recently, I went down the rabbit hole and left needing a shower to wash off the filth. I find this particular movement so disgusting and disturbing I have to keep coming back to this post to finish it.

The topic makes me angry and I am using this post to speak out about it.

As you know, if you pay attention at all, I’m no fan of evangelical fundamentalism Christians in name only (CINOs). Entirely too many adherents are socially dangerous and intolerant, intellectually ignorant and ill-informed on everything from culture, politics, government, history and science. Where they are not ignorant they practice a willful intellectual dishonesty with facts and math. They see global conspiracies, a world-wide religious war and the end times in every headline. They tend to be emotional instead of reasonable.

They are even ignorant and ill-informed about their own belief systems.

They confuse being an American with being a Christian. They cry they are victims of a vast secular conspiracy and then conveniently overlook the hypocrisy of their own creeds. They clamor for punishment of anyone that don’t share the same worldview. Given the authority to make and enforce laws the evangelical fundamentalists CINOs in this country would be as brutal and intolerant as the Taliban. They believe in the need for a modern Inquisition to separate the heathens from the saved, the real Americans from the secularists, lest God send another hurricane to wipe out New Orleans, or something important like an oil well.

…but that is okay because they are Christians.

Besides, if you were killed during the Inquisition, the Church knew it was for your own good and if the Puritans decided you were going to burn at the stake, you should be grateful for the enlightenment.

Essentially everything that a modern, post-dark age civilization needs in order to function properly and move forward CINOs openly scoff, mock, lie about, denigrate and actively work to undermine. They don’t see you as an American. They see their neighbors as either working for their god or working for satan. Which is why there is no room in their dogma for compromise, compassion or acceptance. You are either with us or against us.

Which brings me to this.

Recently I spent some time reading about the Purity Movement, and the ironically named “Purity Balls.” It is a shame based morality code that only perpetuates morally broken and shame-filled human beings. It does not support critical thinking, personal responsibility, individuality or success. It undermines the idea of free-will.

Hell, it isn’t even Biblical.

In a nutshell: the purity movement makes grown men responsible for the sexual identity of little girls, excuses the behavior of boys, allows grown men to play the role of family god and perpetuates rape-culture. It is one short, slippery step away from incest. Although, it definitely crosses the line into emotional incest. Purity balls are emotionally unhealthy, sexually manipulative rites of passage that teach little girls they are responsive for the behavior of grown men. It opens the door to incredible levels of abuse and manipulation.

If this is such a great idea, why don’t we marry the little boys off to their mothers? Oh right, boys will be boys and we all now that is the impure Jezebel’s fault.

If you want to marry your daughter (because, again, this movement doesn’t apply to sons) that is your religious right. Just stop pretending it is a Biblical right. It isn’t. It is the selective interpretation of a variety of new and old testament passages that emotionally and spiritually insecure or narcissistic men use to justify a power trip. As such, evangelical fundamentalist CINOs (Christians in Name Only) should be called out for their damaging choices.

I wish I had some snappy finish, funny allegory or quaint story to end this with. Unfortunately, I don’t find anything about this movement or CINOs funny or quaint. Instead I find purity balls and CINOs dangerous to our Republic, families and most importantly to little girls.


Below is some additional information and reads:

Thanks to Alison Marlowe for the original link that summarized a perspective.

Which led me to some personal stories of people that were spiritually molested (my phrase) by this brainwashing movement – How Christian Purity Culture Enabled My Step Dad to Sexually Abuse MeVirginity: New & Improved! and What’s wrong with purity balls? One virgin’s perspective. Which took me to several article by ministers and priests that write about the dangerous of this movement including Misogyny Masked as Purity Balls . Which led me to do some additional reading from a researcher’s work on the impact on women of this dangerous shame-driven ideological movement. Lastly, here is an ABC News story on the topic.



  1. That was an excellent piece of writing, your interpretation of purity balls and the thinking behind it, spot on I couldn’t agree more


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