An Angry Patriot: Send in the clowns

One of the first posts I made. I liked it when I wrote it. I like it even more now.

Old Black Waters

I’m afraid of flying. I also fear crowds, most organized religions, dentists…and clowns.  Not necessarily in that order.

Of course, clowns doing crowd control, with dental drills or flying planes aren’t a concern. Only the smallest fractions of people in those groups are actually clowns…and when you come across one, he or she is generally a well meaning clown. I watched an airline pilot do magic and tell jokes in an attempt to entertain a hysterical toddler on a flight to Japan. At the time the real goal was probably to keep the rest of the passengers from binding the child to a food cart and gagging him with a pillow but the pilot meant well and was definitely clowning around.

As I said, most are well-meaning clowns and often make me laugh. They aren’t the ones to fear.

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