Do you dream?


Food for thought

I understand the appeal of romanticizing the past. Many elders – and some of my peers – believe the world was “better when…”

I’ve always assumed they mean the world was “better” before responsibilities, sicknesses, foils and follies. Sometimes I hear some of them say the world was better before “those” people or “those” politicians.

I think what my elders – and peers – are really saying is the world was better when they still dreamed.


  1. Reblogged this on Just Our Luck and commented:

    I’m resharing a post that I wrote for one of my other blogs. The importance of dreaming of a future is a themed that has been nagging me for a few weeks now. I realized after I moved to Luck that I had stopped dreaming about what I want in my life…about what is important to me. Heck, I forgot that what I need and want is important at all. I was simply going through the motions of life.
    One of the benefits of being in Luck is I have slowly re-appropriated my Vision for my life – writing, art, education and service. I’ve rediscovered my voice.
    It makes me feel like I may be in luck.


  2. Sean, I stumbled on this by accident, as I don’t get on LI much. I really needed it. I recently retired. I am still in good health, though that came into question a few weeks ago. The doc assured me that there is no rush on getting the bucket list done. So…what now? I don’t just sit around. Indeed, I am working harder physically than ever in recent memory. So much so that I gave myself bursitis of the elbow, which is slowing me down on the physical work.
    But back to what now? I am volunteering in a few places–notably Fort Concho National Hist site here in San Angelo. (We moved here a couple of years ago.) Also with the Lions Club, church, and eventually the Friends of the Library when I get some things around the house accomplished.
    As an amateur historian I get frustrated when people talk about how things were “better, back when…” (An FB page of my homeowner has recently been full of people moaning about the death of downtown. Of course, few of them live there, and what they really want are the days before responsibilities, etc…and when they still dreamed.
    I’m going to share this, if you don’t mind. Giving you full credit of course.


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