The Chains of Fools

Fools Voltaire“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere,” wrote Voltaire in 1767.

I would imagine it is because they have so willingly chained themselves to the sophistry of the demagogues they admire and, without evidence, believe.

For example, I listened to a man this week argue that drug abuse is rampant among people receiving any type of government assistance…and by “assistance” he means anything he isn’t personally benefiting from and by “people” he means anyone not white.

Statistics, existing drug testing results and the bell curve are all liberal propaganda lies.

He just knows.

I listened to a man argue this week the new proposed FCC rules pertaining to an open internet is part of a government plot to take over what you can and cannot see online and is a step towards some sort of -ism. He wasn’t clear which one.

He believes the rules will make the internet part of Big Brother’s One Government takeover when it comes. Which is simply paranoia while belaying a deep misunderstanding about how the internet actually works.

Never mind that the most successful tech companies – the innovative, high paying tech companies – all want this protection and the small number of big telecoms oppose it. In his mind, it is simply a government takeover. Facts be damned.

He just knows.Screen shot 2015-03-08 at 7.31.36 PM

I listened to a man argue this week that the President of the United States is not really a Christian but a closeted Muslim. This fundamentalist evangelical takes this stance because God told him it is true. He looked into President Obama’s heart and saw the truth of President Obama’s deception.

He just knows.

When I asked this man to prove to me that he is really a Christian and not a really a Muslim he told me to look into his heart and I would know the truth. I told him all I saw when I looked into his heart is a judgmental, arrogant and condescending bigot. When he defensively replied that I was wrong, I told him, God told me it was true.

I just know.

I listened to a man this week argue that Jesus was not a pacifist and was really a militant but that “libatards” and gays are corrupting the Bible. I, well, I slowly backed out of the room.

You can argue with fools but crazy requires a different approach.


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