Sol 14447

I was reminded recently that I think too much. Not always my best quality.

Not that thoughtful reflection isn’t important. Not that thoughtful planning isn’t necessary. The truth of life is it is the action the defines who we are and not what we think.

I heard a smart man make the statement, “They don’t lock us up on the nut farm for what we think. They lock us up for what we do. Thinking crazy is legal acting crazy may be illegal.” If you lie, you are a liar. If you steal, you are a thief. An affair makes you an adulterer. Skirt chasing makes you a cad. Manipulators manipulate. Selfish people are selfish. Haters are going to hate…

…and the world keeps turning.

Of course, being these things doesn’t make you a bad person. What it does make you, according to some friends, is human. An untrustworthy and unsafe human in those types of situations, but still, a human worthy of being accepted and loved.

As someone thinking too much and occasionally getting bogged down in fears, anxieties and depressions of overthinking I appreciate the people in my life that thoughtfully plan, act on their Vision and trust the process.

They are my teachers, Partners and spiritual elders. They know who they are.

Just a note to say, “thank you”.

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