Curled Milk

Allison Hawkins: Is he a good man or a bad man? 
Robert ‘Rob’ Hawkins: Baby, there is no such thing. 

“Jericho: 9:02 (#1.6)” (2006)

Apparently, I have a personal Troll.

Human ConditionRecently, I allowed someone back into my head and found myself obsessively picking at a self-inflicted head wound. Knowing this person, I realize that was the intention: to spread their misery, blame me for their issues and then hide in the anonymity of the net.

In counsel with a wise person, I was reminded that there is no right or wrong. We simply make the best choices we can, in the moment we are living, accept the consequences, learn the lessons (hopefully) and “make a move” that will allow us to move onward.

Because, really, at the end of the day, there is only onward. One foot at a time. Sometimes we find a way to move onward with the people we love. Sometimes we don’t. Sometimes the choice isn’t ours to make.

Love is like milk and if it is not replenished on a regular basis eventually what we do have is simply curdled milk.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the people we love need to be thrown out. Although it is probably best for our own health to not pretend the curdled love is the same as un-curdled love. Pretending it is something it is not is likely to leave a sour soul. The key is being honest about the change and finding a new way to re-incorporate the person into your life the way chefs reincorporate curdled milk into recipes.

If years later someone cannot find peace with my choices – or theirs – it is their problem not mine. All you can do is offer an olive branch knowing they might use it as a switch to try and flog you.

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