Ohio River Valley’s Best Hot Dogs

More of Jay's Famous Hot Dogs
Jay’s Famous Hot Dogs

There are few things I enjoy as much as hot dogs. When my father and I were working together we’d occasionally find ourselves driving through old industrial communities with a history of making steel and greasy foods. Foods made in greasy spoon diners and mom and pop shops.

As often as we could, we’d stop.

One of our favorite habits was finding the local hot dog establishment and rating them on a burp system. If hours later, you were still burping up the taste of onions and coney sauce, we’d rate its

Chili Willie’s. And yes, mom still runs the joint.

burp-ability. The more burps, the better the dogs.

Here are the Top 3 and maps:

  1. Chili Willie’s Hot Dogs, Weirton, WV
  2. Hickie’s Hamburger Inn, New Boston, OH
  3. Jay’s Famous Hot Dogs, Youngstown, OH

If you aren’t sure what kind of dog you like here is a list of 40 ways to make a dog. My dad sent it to me.

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