The echo chamber is making me deaf

I’m done with the politics of mean. 
Yes, I think Trump is a misogynistic, entitled, ignorant racist. 

He’s allowed. Being wrong isn’t a crime.

I also believe many of followers are institutional racists (meaning they wouldn’t go to a lynching but refuse to recognize how, or if, institutional racism exists). Others are so trapped in binary thinking they wouldn’t consider voting for a Democrat even if Jesus said, “Vote Democrat.”

And I think he would.

There will be Democrats that wouldn’t vote Democrat even if Bernie Sanders said, “Vote Democrat.”

And he has.

These are worldviews I don’t understand. And I have tried.

I’ve already made a decision about how I’m voting and why: HRC is the most qualified candidate; people wrongly think HRC is a crook, Trump is ACTUALLY a crook, the falasies of false equivalency, etc.

My reasons go on.

However, because of FBs algorithms my feed is full of threads that are nothing more than clickbait. The algorithms look at my history, do some magic, and provide me more links that place me deeper into the echo chamber. 

I HATE that.

My suggested feed is full of advertising, punditry and general meanness. 

For example, I really like sites such as Politfact, Scientific America, NPR, WSJ, NYT, BBC, Al Jazeera, Newsweek, Atlantic and Salon.

You know, journalism, not media.

I loathe sites that simply echo progressive and liberal BS intended to simply keep me angry over politics and politicians. They seem to serve no other function than make me mad enough to reshare stuff that keep other people angry. 

I get a lot of those.

Standing outside Tesla the other night I’ve decided that Elon Musk is not sitting at home at night resharing crap that makes him angry he found on a FB conspiracy site. His posts are positive, upbeat and full of possibilities.

Same with Richard Branson, Bill Gates and probably others I cannot think of right now. They’re too busy working on building a real future too be petty.

As such, I’m going to start using the algorithm against FB, or at least try, I’m unfollowing non-journalism sites, hiding reshares that are simply mean and spiteful. I’m scrubbing the mean out.

Will this mean I’ll occasionally be a hypocrite? 


Will I still speak out against racism, mysogony, sexism and general stupidity? 

Of course. 

Will I voice my anger about social injustice, white privilege, religious fundamentalism, American adventurism and other issues that represent the antithesis of the American and human experience? 


However, I think by more actively filtering my feed, instead of relying on FB to intellectually spoon feed me, I will actually make choices and be better informed about the the things that matter and that I care about, not less. This require me to I focus on journalism sites that use lots of words to keep me informed.

In other words, I’m getting out of the echo chamber.

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