Empathy is dead

cagedI would think Americans with less skin pigment would be less familiar with the institutional racism and biases Americans with more skin pigment experience.
However, to have the viewpoint requires some humility and integrity and willingness to admit my experience is not the only human experience with value. This is called empathy. A learned skillset.
Also, math, they have to understand math.
Which is also a dead skillset.
So yeah, hockey players, probably haven’t, whereas more diverse sports such as baseball, football and basketball probably have. People dismissing as whining the experience of Americans such as Colin Kaepernick, Muhammad Ali, or the tribes at Standing Rock, are the same people assuming because they were fed today that hunger must be an urban legend or because it snowed on them climate change is a conspiracy.
Of course, because people refuse to leave their intellectually sheltered little womb they can ignore the math and reality.
…and of course, as intellectually and culturally stunted Americans with their shallow “us vs them” and “winners or losers” and America was great when {insert decade} perspective, anything we don’t personally experience must be whiney bullshit.

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