I never particularly enjoyed the time I spent in locker rooms and barracks. I was never particularly at my best in either.

However, even with the sexist and mysogonistic things I have said and done out of ignorance or temperament, I never heard anyone in either place say such privileged, abusive or disgusting comments. This is the foundation a violent, male-centric rape culture is built on.

How is his behavior not sexual assault? How is it not promoting rape and women as objects? “Boys will be boys”bullshit.

But in all honesty, having watched the Orange one for a while, reading all his books when I was younger and seeing him on TV for over a decade, I’m not surprised. I don’t know why anyone is at this point either.

Now admittedly, Bill Clinton has his own issues with sexism, privilege and mysogonistic behavior, but he isn’t running for President, and if he was, and a tape like this appeared, I wouldn’t vote for him either.


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