Christians in name only

If we are truly a christian nation – as evangelical fundamentalist CINO’s wistfully believe – then christians should man up, have actual faith and own the opportunity to show people around the world how loving and compassionate the christian faith can be.

However, in the 2016 election I learned American CINOs don’t vote for morality, acceptance, peace or truth. Their commitment to the core values of their faith is embraced on a sliding scale. They do not act out of faith, compassion or love. CINOs vote from a place of fear, ignorance and entitlement. They stood with an ignorant, misogynistic, xenophobic, racist, ethically challenged propagandist playing on the CINO’s willingness to believe baseless fear and rumor-mongering about other human beings and other Americans.

I’m sick of CINO’s crying about imaginary slights like a war on christmas when real suffering in the world exists. They only want to help people that look the same, believe the same and talk the same. Through their decision to vote from a place of entitlement, CINOs are actually driving suffering.

End rant.


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