Planning – Week 2, 2017


Since I’ve been getting a bit of good natured mocking from friends I wanted to give everyone an update on my goals and planning project.

First of all, my goal of only looking at email twice a day between Monday and Friday has been a mostly excellent and well received change.

I also successfully managed not to look at email at all over the weekend – although as Claymoon Copper, llp can attest, I still sent emails.

The other three incredibly beneficial changes I’ve made is using Headspace for daily meditation two times per day, reading a book for a minimum of 30 minutes per day and turning off all push notifications from all my apps. It’s made an amazing improvement in my productivity.

Also, as many of you may know I’ve been working in creating space between my work processes and creative processes. Essentially tying the Pomodoro Technique to time chunking around specific projects.

This week I’ve added a component to the process and built out my schedule for the entire week. Meaning there are 2 to 3 hour blocks dedicated to specific projects everyday this week.

I’m going to try it for one week with the goal of creating a weekly habit where I’m proactively choosing my agenda as opposed to reacting to my agenda.

I going to try it one week and see what happens.

Also, after being on a strict calorie count diet for nearly 9 months I binged on homemade chocolate cake. Best recipe anywhere.

It made me very sick almost immediately. I ate it repeatedly all weekend anyway.

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