Things I carry: King Moonracer

IMG_20171019_202004637Every now and then I see something or hear something and I think, “I was a real fuck to my ex-wife and I should do something nice for her.”

Then I turn and look at my bookcase and see the King Moonracer toy she bought me as a passive aggressive commentary on my circle of friends and my concern for them. I look at it and am reminded she never particularly liked my friends and made no effort to know them. Just judge them.

When friends would call to talk I’d hear some snarky comment about another of my “misfit” toys.

Two things:

  1. I realized I still carry this toy around as a way to mind fuck myself into thinking everything that happened was my fault. It wasn’t.
  2. I did a lot of great things for my ex-wife and made a lot of sacrifices to my goals and values along the way in attempt to conform to her will but she was too busy busting my balls to see any of it. I wasn’t always a fuck. Just when it mattered.

Three things.

I just discovered my 2002 King Moonracer is worth between $30 and $50 bucks.

Off to Ebay it goes!


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