AirBnB: Some History

I wasn’t going to stay here. I thought the price was too cheap, the location too close to the road, and other than the history of the site it read more like a boarding house.

I was wrong. Mostly.

The Nolen-McCord House is an elegant, beautiful, and important landmark in Nolensville, Tennessee lovingly maintained with thoughtful touches. If you like history you should stay here. If you like architecture you should stay here. If you like comfortable and warm accommodations you should stay here.

And if you think it might be a loud, cold, and squeaky house with one-hundred-year-old plumbing, scary electric outlets, and paper-thin walls you are wrong. The house is updated, solid, quiet, and comfortable.

You are within walking distance of great Tennessee history, a beautiful community center and gym, several live music bars and a short hop into Nashville.

The only warning I can offer is, avoid rush hour. Everything wrong with a growing community installing nearly 100 new water meters per month is a road system built for horses and farm tractors of the 1950s. It’s clearly bad.

It also isn’t owner-occupied meaning it might have up to two other roommates in the upstair rooms sharing the common areas. The room I rented in the main room has its own bathroom.

If you are in Nashville and need a place you should stay here. It’s a bargin.

AirBnB Description

The Nolen-McCord House contains the original 18th century log cabin that housed the first settlers of Nolensville. Later in the 19th century, a Greek Revival home was built around the cabin which has been updated periodically since.

Nolensville is a small town in Williamson County, just outside Metro Nashville. It still holds quaint charm with an historic antique-shop-filled downtown, with amenities for suburban life.

This property and town are one of a kind.

The space

The Nolen-McCord House is so named because Newt McCord built his home on property previously owned by William Nolen, for whom the community of Nolensville was named. According to land grants and deeds, William Nolen owned land at least by 1798 along Mill Creek where the town still stands.

Newt McCord’s house was built over William Nolen’s two story log cabin, parts of which can be seen in the common area of the house today. It was restored to highlight the unique nature of the house.

The Nolen-McCord House is Greek Revival, a dominant style for American domestic architecture from about 1830 to 1850 and is also called the National Style. Two-story gable-front houses with an additional side-gabled wing are a common form in rural areas. A shed-roofed porch was typically placed within the L made by the two wings. Most houses built in the pre-railroad era had Greek Revival detailing.

The principal areas of elaboration in Greek Revival homes of this type are cornice lines, porch-support columns, windows, and doorways.

The band of trim beneath the cornice along the roofs was typical. Elaborate door surrounds are another dominant feature of Greek Revival houses. Pilasters on the house corners were frequently used features. Classical columns used for the support of the porch roof are also a prominent feature.


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