I am the Ocean

A reflection by A Wandering Fire’s pizza and Zen master, Maaren Spears.

Thank you for seeing me as a person first and separating what you know from other people’s ghost stories.

Maaren is a closet writer and I’ve been encouraging her to share her writing. I thought I’d help get a jump start and post one of them here.

I am the ocean, not just part of it.

Calm sometimes, wild and destructive sometimes, carrying within me a whole world of creatures. The boats on my surface are the people in my life – some make a large impact, some very little, some stay, some go. At my depth, I am always calm and peaceful.


I am the tree – growing around the forces that push and pull, my leaves falling and re-growing. My roots hold me firmly in the ground though my top may sway. I can be damaged, but still I am home and survive. I don’t need to be perfect to be of service.

My life has been so complicated. I am still trying to pull it all in and find the peace of my ocean and the strength of my tree. I am scarred and scared, and I persist.

My meaning is through the community of love that surrounds me. I appreciate all of it.

May my love show through at each moment.

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