This is the power of shame

Living with shame isn't like living in darkness. It's staring into the sun; forever corrupting our ability to accurately perceive our significance and contributions to the world around us. 

More gory days than glory

I’ve always enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes. I think like Calvin and I aspire to act like Hobbes. In reality many of my attitudes and beliefs about life are reflected in the dry and sarcastic humor of Bill Watterson’s comic. I collect Calvin and Hobbes comic books: the art is stimulating; the storytelling is inspired and... Continue Reading →

The mythology of secrets

I am always fascinated with how systematic and chronic abuse trains people to react to the secrets when even a little light is cast onto the pain. Everyone has a role to play - the family's martyrs, sophists, pundits, revisionists and secret keepers all circle the wagons and begin their dance regardless of how cruel... Continue Reading →

Ten and poor

Recently, I sat for a few hours talking to a 98-year-old woman about her experiences in a small rural Wisconsin town. The woman is amazing and still sharp as a tack. For over 25 years she owned a grocery store in this town and every summer she and her husband extended credit to the local... Continue Reading →


I spent most of my life trying to be the good guy and do what I thought was best. Sometimes I have failed spectacularly. However, most of the time I did a good job contrary to what you think you know. Most of my life I have given one individual opportunity after opportunity and when things... Continue Reading →

Beautiful laughing children

Had a store full of beautiful laughing children today. Don't ever settle for a relationship where your partner tells you the time or the money isn't right to start a family but refuses to tell you when and how much will make it right. What they are really telling you is the time and the money... Continue Reading →

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