John Steinbeck on Falling in Love: A 1958 Letter to his son

Wish I had learned this truth sooner. Now that I know, I hope I can pass it on. Taken from John Steinbeck's book: Steinbeck: A Life in Letters. I found the text on Maria Popova's Brain Picking's page. New York November 10, 1958 Dear Thom: We had your letter this morning. I will answer it from my... Continue Reading →

Beautiful laughing children

Had a store full of beautiful laughing children today. Don't ever settle for a relationship where your partner tells you the time or the money isn't right to start a family but refuses to tell you when and how much will make it right. What they are really telling you is the time and the money... Continue Reading →

Redux: It’s amazing what a boy will do for a little piece of tail

For a father there are little moments of unadulterated terror. For teen fathers it is all terror - at least for me. You see the life you imagined dissolving into the life you've chosen. I'm not complaining - my daughter was the single best gift of my life - but the reality is nothing can... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Hates Me: An Epilogue

Does my daughter hate me? Probably not. Honestly, just because something feels true doesn’t make it so. Sometimes I forget. I wrote this series six years ago as an outlet for the feelings of loss and pain I was feeling.  Our daughter was 15 at the time. She is 21 now. I’ve learned there are... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Hates Me: Lastly – Where does it end? (Part 13 of 13)

Knowing all my lessons, my responsibilities and my obligations the lingering question becomes an issue of when to call. When do I reach out and let her know that not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Do I call at high school graduation, Christmas, birthdays, holidays, weekdays or Mondays? There is... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Hates Me: I wish it were a black-and-white world (Part 12 of 13)

It is not a black-and-white world. Sometimes I wish it were. There are adults who grew up in broken homes and condemn my choices. The truth is they are choosing to paint my reality based on their experiences. I know because people are more than willing to send me an email or tweet and tell me... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Hates Me: Some wrongs can never be fully righted (Part 11 of 13)

For a long time my choices tied my life into a seemingly inescapable Gordian Knot: a knot inadvertently binding those I love (and hated) to a life of chaos and confusion. I tried everything I could think of to untie the knot. Often my best thinking made it worse. "The significant problems we face cannot be... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Hates Me: Perception becomes reality (Part 10 of 13)

Don’t misunderstand – I’m not defending my choices – most of them are beyond defending. However, there is a difference between being defensive and being honest. The former is a result of pride the latter humility. Knowing what I know today I would do most of it differently. But I didn’t know and cannot change... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Hates Me: If a child dies isn’t it the mother’s fault? (Part 9 of 13)

Growing up in the hill country of West Virginia my dad is full of colloquialisms. He is constantly saying things like, “That’s slicker than an eel in a bucket of snot,” or this thing or that is “slower than molasses”. On more than one occasion he has suggested not coming between, “a she-bear and her... Continue Reading →

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