You are valuable & worthy

"We do not believe in ourselves until someone reveals that deep inside us is something valuable, worth listening to, worthy of our trust, sacred to our touch." — e.e cummings (via psych-quotes) I will just set this here for you: whether you know it or it or not, you are valuable, you are worthy. Remember.... Continue Reading →

An Angry Patriot: All or nothing is a dangerous mindset – more Beckwellian paranoia

Recently I read with some curiosity an essay by Wounded Eagle entitled A Thief in The Night. Reading this article, and many like it, watching the news-tainment and listening to "experts" makes me really miss the intellectual integrity and character of William F. Buckley, Jr. Essentially, she is suggesting that those that disagree with her are sneaking into... Continue Reading →

An Angry Patriot: Send in the clowns

It’s the wingnuts that will miss the point and rally around the “genius” of the Clowns. The paranoid, self-important clowns on the right will think I’m talking about them and become indignant and defensive questioning my Patriotism. The delusional clowns on the left will think I’m talking about – well – the right. This is the fact that would make me laugh if it wasn’t so sad it makes me want to cry. Where’s a good clown when you need one? Send in the clowns.

An Angry Patriot: Intellectual dishonesty is a choice

Most of what is passing as insightful punditry is really intellectually dishonest sophistry. In some respects, it is my own fault. I use to naively believe ignorance was the result of a failure of education and society. I was ignoring 6,000 years (or 60 million years depending on whom you speak with) of human society.

An Angry Patriot: Those people are giving me a headache

A black and white world would certainly be convenient - I personally think there are entirely to many brands of toothpaste...

An Angry Patriot: Are you a Nazi? Am I? Who gets to decide?

My grandfather and his brothers fought in Europe against Hitler and the Nazis. Stop disrespecting their sacrifices for politics. So before you start demonizing the DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED leader of the United States...

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