Bullying and Mental Health

I’m not bipolar but understand the pain of being, as my friend Sara, says an outlier. I understand how being an outlier results in being harassed, physically assaulted, and bullied almost daily by my peers from the 6th to the 12th grade.

It is why nearly 30 years later I still have trust issues with men, intimacy, and being open about who I am.

It is why after I won an award for poetry and writing in the sixth grade I stopped writing and joined the football team. It is why when my high school football coach cornered me in the hallway after I quit in my senior year told me I was half the man his 10-year-old son was I joined the Marine Corp.

It is why losing relationships are so devastating to me and why I hang on after the other people check out. It is hard for me to bond but once I do I am willing to betray my own boundaries to stay relevant.

The Bipolar Writer

This is perhaps the most important topic I have covered on The Bipolar Writer blog. It is also the most talked about, and today as I write some new posts for the remainder of the week, I wanted to repost thing blog post, because there has been so much feedback posted on this post. I think other than my posts on suicide Bullying and mental health is an important to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness.

My Take on Bullying and Mental Illness

It is always the goal of this blog to be informative. At the same time, I want to share my experiences on the topic in question. I wanted to write today about the realities of bullying and effects it can have on mental health when we are younger.

It was different when I was a kid. The technology that our kids (whether they be your child, a…

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More gory days than glory

I’ve always enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes. I think like Calvin and I aspire to act like Hobbes. In reality many of my attitudes and beliefs about life are reflected in the dry and sarcastic humor of Bill Watterson’s comic. I collect Calvin and Hobbes comic books: the art is stimulating; the storytelling is inspired and... Continue Reading →

Success and nuclear war

What defines success for you? Recently, I turned forty-seven and stumbled upon a thought experiment that made me mentally - and physically - ill. It was humbling and disturbing. As I was contemplating this reaction, I was reminded of a quote misattributed to Einstein, "You cannot solve a problem with the same level of knowledge... Continue Reading →

Being Human

I'm not going to get into a lot of background. Read the original article by clicking here. Free speech and privacy rights. Apparently these inalienable, constitutional rights do not apply to this 18 year old, Valedictorian that also happens to be gay. He is old enough to enlist in the military and kill for his... Continue Reading →


The mail arrived and I was reminded again why it is best I do not judge other people's lives. The mail was a reminder that sometimes you screw something up to the point where you are left wondering if the most merciful thing to do is put it down, have a ceremony and move on.... Continue Reading →

As far back as I can remember I was bullied in school. I read science fiction, comic books and poetry. I drew, painted and wrote. I was principled, upbeat and cared about people, animals and nature. I spent many hours exploring the woodlands behind my house in New York. I was also shy, immature and lonely.... Continue Reading →

The Things I Carry: Critics taste better deep fried and with chips (Part 6)

Critical people are a bane on my life. A poison to my soul. Am I being critical? Does that make me a hypocrite? I don’t mean pragmatists. You can be a pragmatist and not be critical. I myself am a pragmatist with borderline optimistic tendencies. No. I’m talking about the critics in my life. The negative.... Continue Reading →

The Things I Carry: It’s All Here (Part 2)

The problem with being an emotional hoarder is that you never throw anything away. Which is after all, the definition of a person who hordes. Pretty soon there isn't room for anything new because the old is crowding up the place. There isn't room for new events, memories, people or opportunities. It is just like... Continue Reading →

Things I Luv: Doughnuts, James Joyce & Suffering

I hate suffering. I even hate the word. I hate the idea of being in love with suffering. Not just because I think it is stupid or a cliché – it is - but because as much as I hate to admit it, there are places in my life where it is true. “The truth... Continue Reading →

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