More gory days than glory

I’ve always enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes. I think like Calvin and I aspire to act like Hobbes. In reality many of my attitudes and beliefs about life are reflected in the dry and sarcastic humor of Bill Watterson’s comic. I collect Calvin and Hobbes comic books: the art is stimulating; the storytelling is inspired and... Continue Reading →

My Daughter Hates Me: I wish it were a black-and-white world (Part 12 of 13)

It is not a black-and-white world. Sometimes I wish it were. There are adults who grew up in broken homes and condemn my choices. The truth is they are choosing to paint my reality based on their experiences. I know because people are more than willing to send me an email or tweet and tell me... Continue Reading →

End of Mythology: Calvin understands – there were no glory days

Every day in school was not about education or learning but rather it was about getting enough air while not being seen. Everything I did in school was about trying to survive.

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