Christians in name only

If we are truly a christian nation - as evangelical fundamentalist CINO's wistfully believe - then christians should man up, have actual faith and own the opportunity to show people around the world how loving and compassionate the christian faith can be. However, in the 2016 election I learned American CINOs don't vote for morality, acceptance, peace or... Continue Reading →

An Angry Patriot: I’m a damn proud Yankee or why we should burn Atlanta again

I'm an educated, elitist, liberal, progressive, secular Yankee. And I am damn proud of it. My heroes are other Yankees like Teddy Roosevelt, Ben Franklin, Rudy Giulani, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Sam Clemens, Walt Whitman and Jon Stewart. I'm tired of GOP politicians and revisionists of southern history denigrating my rich heritage. Yankees fought to preserve the Union... Continue Reading →

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